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Create LEARNING GAMES for organizations and schools

With a FEW CLICKS launch your custom apps. WITHOUT an app store!

Awesome Features

Neuralext Provides Transformative Learning Through Tailored Experiences: Engage, Assess, and Reward with Advanced Analytics, Customization, and AI-Driven Content


Custom App

Generate fully customized and branded apps immediately available for users on any mobile device or desktop platform around the world. Without the need of an app store.


Videos With Ai

AI-crafted videos personalize the user's learning journey with a real spokesman, making complex concepts accessible in any language you configure.


Tracking Insights

Monitor progress, engagement, and achievements with comprehensive, easy-to-read reports in a single place, making your compliance audits a breeze.


Learn While Playing

Incentivize learning with games, prizes, streaks and awards, turning your training and education needs into an exciting challenge that users actually enjoy.


Personalized Learning

Tailor quizzes with Ai, learner rewards and lesson plans, themes and logos, and help options to fit the unique needs of every learners journey.


Perfect Fit

Neuralext has you covered with easy to implement, fun and engaging learning that is tracked and measured. From schools to companies and everything in-between.


How It Works

With a few clicks, Neuralext allows your school or company to create robust gamified learning experienced that has extensive analytics out of the box.


Our Plans

Neuralext is currently in a close beta testing phase. That said, our pricing levels are structured to fit schools and companies of any size. Ready to scale as they need.

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What they Say So Far

Neuralext is testing its services with a select few major companies around the world. See what they think about our platform and learning experiences.


Join our beta testing

Want to be a part of our beta testing for free? Send us your work email address to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Neuralext, we get quite a few questions about our products and services. Here are the ones that come up the most.
Neuralext is a complex application that need to be thoroughly tested before we can open it up to the public. We are currently in a closed beta testing phase. If you are interested in joining our beta testing program, please reach out to us.
Neuralext gives companies and schools create custom apps that are immediately available to their learners. No appstores, no waiting. Just a few clicks and your learners are ready to go. Your learners simply get a QR code you share with them that are scanned with their mobile device. That's it.
Yes. Neuralext has many mobile games that ties into your learning experiences. You can select the games that are most relevant to your learners and their learning journey. During beta testing, we have 2 games available for you to choose from.
No, not at all. Neuralext relies on Ai to create overview videos of the script you enter, provide a contextual framework your students can chat with to ask questions about the learning requirement and generate quizzes from your content. Companies and schools are free to opt out of using any Ai and generate content themselves.